“The Odds” (2017)
The Odds (Poster)

The Odds by J. Edward Britton is a musical about freedom, friendship, and the challenges of growing up. Follow a high school freshman named Aaron on his journey to accept responsibility for the perils of teenage life as he learns to reconcile with his father who he blames for cursing him with persistent bad luck due to his failure as the former school mascot years ago. Many obstacles stand in his way: notorious teachers, ruthless bullies, and a broken love-life. But what Aaron may not realize is that in order to succeed in high school, he might have to become more like his father than he ever imagined.

Full of refreshing characters, shocking revelations, and plenty of laughs along the way, The Odds is a delightful twist on classic story-telling.

The Odds is currently independent of any musical theater publishing company. To purchase the rights, score, and book, please email or enter the necessary information in the “Contact” page